Live Webcast

A dynamic solution Best suited for real-time viewing of live events.

You can reach a global audience and have access to real-time analytics of viewers, location, and other data. In addition, viewers can ask questions or vote through live polling.

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On-Demand Hosting

For viewing at the user’s convenience if they can’t attend the live event.

You can build a library of events, training programs, media assets. Used in conjunction with a live webcast, your meeting or training program can reach a much larger audience.

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Managed Service

  • We manage all aspects of creating the links, user access and security, and all server management
  • We have partnered with Firehost (Armor) and Edgecast to provide a global, scalable, secure network
  • Your network interface can be customized with your logos, graphics, and color schemes
  • The best part … you don’t have to learn how to upload, transcode, cache, or link - we do all of that for you