Complete On-Site Video Production Package

Fly-pack systems for live event coverage:

  • Equipment

    • Livestream Studio HD-550 All-in-One Switcher/Transcoder

    • Panasonic field switchers

    • From 1 to 7 cameras

    • PPT and video playback

    • Clear-Com communications system

    • Inkeeper PBX digital phone bridge

    • Lighting package for enhanced stage lighting

    • Confidence monitor for presenters

    • PerfectCue wireless cueing system

    • KiPro record deck

    • P2 record deck and two 64 gig memory cards for high quality recording

  • Webcast

    • Media encoders for real-time streaming

    • GotoWebcast or Livestream Enterprise licenses

    • On-demand hosting for 3 months to 1 year

  • Crew

    • Camera operators

    • Technical directors

    • Streaming technicians

    • Audio technicians

Features of system include:

  • Can connect to any 5 meg synchronous LAN port for webcast delivery

  • Hi-definition video package includes digital video and graphics playback

  • Proven and secure webcasting technology plus on-demand availability

  • Well-known and trusted preferred vendor and crews