Two Studios Available at 684 Antone Street, Atlanta GA

centrally located near downtown!

Gilbert Creative launches QuickCast Studio for webcast, television, and learning program production.

The Internet has become the infinite broadcast medium.  Gilbert Creative wants to be the best source that can take your content and turn it into rich media for the web or broadcast. 

Our QuickCast Studio was created as a place where you can record your content without breaking your budget. It’s an infinitely flexible space that requires very little setup, small crews, and limitless possibilities as to how your production can look.  In short, the QuickCast Studio is a broadcast and webcast ready studio designed for hi-def video production.  It is designed to integrate virtual backgrounds using green screen with stills or animation. You can stream live, record for on-demand web, or connect to major networks for live broadcast. Our continuous track system surrounds you with either green screen or heavy drape for great acoustics. We are fully licensed for GotoWebcast and Livestream and have high bandwidth delivery systems and an uncompressed fiber connection.  We also have complete video edit facilities on site.

Need something bigger?  Check out the 50 x 50 studio featuring a huge 40’ x 20’ cyc wall.  There is a large make-up room and a small kitchen.  A roll-up door allows your grip truck to get close to the action … or drive a car onto the set!  The studio is rented “walls only” to provide value for photographers and videographers.  Camera, lighting, audio, and grip equipment is available upon request or you can bring your own.  This studio connects to our fiber and streaming facilities so you can take your show to the world!

Please call us at 404-636-2511 (ext 2) for more information. 

For more pricing information and to book time
in one of our studios, please click here.

QuickCast Studio setup for green screen

(2 camera TV show)

2-cam green screen setup

Keyed image from the show

QuickCast Studio setup for Webcast

(1-camera with hard background)

1-cam with hard background

Image from the webcast with live key

Control room and make-up/wardrobe area

Control room – clients can view 2 cameras simultaneously

Small wardrobe / make-up area

Need a larger studio space?

We also offer a 50’ x 50’ space with a 20’ x 40’ cyc wall studio.  400 amps of power are available as well as an 8’ wide load-in dock door (will accommodate small to medium vehicles).  There is a great sitting area adjacent to the studio, large hair and make-up area, and a small kitchen.