The Coca-Cola North America National Sales Expo in Atlanta was one of our most fun experiences of the summer. We set a booth up on a stage at Coke headquarters surrounded by pipe and drape and faced with a custom printed skyline of Atlanta. It was a mobile green screen studio. Inside we used 1 camera, IKAN lighting, 1 roll of green seamless, our livestream all-in-one switcher, and a laptop for editing, and another computer with Wirecast software.

Participants entered our studio to record a testimonial on the Coca-Cola Commitment Weekly Webcast (which we also help them to create). We used Wirecast software generate live keys using more than 30 backgrounds. Each participant could choose their background prior to recording their testimonial. We were able to edit each video within 5 minutes of recording and add it to a playlist with all of the other testimonials. People passing by could see the testimonials looping on a big screen on the stage outside our studio. It was fun, it was fast, and it was effective.

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We received very positive feedback from our participants, and most importantly, the client was extremely pleased with the results. This mobile green screen capability can be implemented almost anywhere within an eight foot by 20 foot area with AC power.