“Where Will Happiness Strike Next?”

Map Activation Info Tool

Coca-Cola developed a brilliant marketing campaign around delivering happiness. As part of the campaign, vending machines, trucks, convenience store workers and other Coke outlets would spontaneously hand out great unexpected gifts to their customers… multiple, seemingly unending Cokes for the price of a single drink, an 8-foot long sub sandwich, even a surfboard!

In order to communicate the reach and impact of this campaign, they asked us to develop an online “Happiness Map” … a portal where viewers could freely explore the Happiness campaign activations all across the globe. In keeping with their theme of fun and spontaneity, we developed an opening “movie trailer” complete with a custom Coke-themed soundtrack, as well as animated graphics and engaging briefs on the campaign.

The map tool allows viewers to explore the activations by region, complete with links to videos, resources and the latest news in that area.

See a short video of it in action:

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