Full-Size Cyc Wall Studio

When You Need More Space

Check out the 50 x 50 studio featuring a huge 40’ x 20’ cyc wall.  This studio is great for multi-camera webcasts and larger productions.  It is rented “walls only” to provide better value.  You can bring your own gear and crew or source that from us (see ala carte pricing below).  As you can see, there is plenty of space to spread out for longer camera throws.

There is a large make-up room and a small kitchen.  A roll-up door allows your grip truck to get close to the action … or drive a car onto the set!  400 amps of power are available.


This studio connects to our fiber and streaming facilities plus 2-channel IFB so you can take your show to the world!

Here are the rates:

A Studio - Large Cyc Wall Setup day < 5hr day > 5 hr day
50 x 50 Studio with 20' x 40' Cyc Wall $400 $400 $800
Other Services
Large lighting package $295 $495 $695
2 Panasonic HPX 370 with switcher, communications $375 $750 $1,000
3 JVC cameras with switcher, communications $450 $900 $1,200
5 cameras with switcher, communications*, PZM cameras $600 $1,200 $1,600
(see on-site production for additional ala carte items)
Webcast fees Each
Webcast administration (per webcast) $60
Webcast session (GotoWebcast license) fee $295
Uncompressed fiber connection $395

Centrally located near downtown:
684 Antone Street, Suite 108
Atlanta GA